Feedback from workshops

Workshop in Witney on 26th September 2015.

” I can’t tell you how helpful this course has been! It gave me a little bit of confidence and a lot of desire to learn more! ” Thank-you! Klara.

“I thought the structure was great – general principles and history in the morning and specific remedies after lunch. Just enough detail to give me basics to use as first aid and to whet my appetite for further study.” Sara.

” I am looking forward to the next workshop to learn more. I liked everything about the workshop” Janet.

“Great to hear thinking behind treatments received and gain some confidence in home treatment of the family. It was well set out, lots of really useful information and helped to make even clearer theory of children’s own treatment, thank-you!” Clare


Workshop in Highworth on 18th July 2015.

“Relaxed informal learning environment, open discussion. Passionate teachers and enthusiastic, good balance of subjects. Thank you for a fantastic informative day. I now feel more confident to safely prescribe in an acute situation, but with an understanding of my own limitation!” Charlotte.

“I really liked the relaxed nature of the day. I found the whole day interesting and useful. I feel  a lot clearer now…” Sam

“I enjoyed the workshop very much, all of it, I learnt lots, shame we could not continue to do more…” Diana.

“I enjoyed learning about the remedy pictures and the session on keeping records” Lucy 

“I liked learning about all the different symptoms people have and what they can be treated with, I enjoyed all of it, well done!” Vicki.