Recent testimonial

“Having been unwell and frustrated by the lack of interest from my doctor over the last year I decided to try a homeopath. After researching on the internet I found Carmen.

From the beginning of my enquiry to getting my first appointment I was  hopeful that this was the right person. That was how I felt when I met Carmen, she listened to me intently asking questions and reassuring me that despite the randomness of them  she was creating a picture about me, wrote lots of notes which she referred too at the future appointments. It was a validating  experience, about  an hour later the appointment finished and she said she would send a remedy in the next few days once she had thoroughly explored my symptoms. This she did with good instructions. Carmen made it clear she was available by phone or email if I was concerned between appointments.

I have completed 3 appointments with her and one remedy which has put me back on my wellness journey. If I need to see her again she is just an appointment away.
Carmen is extremely qualified &well read, has empathy and compassion, I felt I was in a safe and trusted space.” S.D of Oxford, 
May 2019 – thyroid and sleep issues.

“I would highly recommend her without any hesitation.I first met Carmen in 2016 when I took my son to see her aged 10. He was born with hypothyroidism and throughout his life was back and forth to the G.P with either ear or throat infections and many a course of antibiotics later, just treating his symptoms.  Since seeing Carmen, he has hardly seen his G.P and has come on leaps and bounds. In the past he has seen Carmen just to offload any worries he may have with school etc.  Her calming and caring manner makes her very easy to talk to, he has really opened- up and come out of his shell, leaving there feeling a lot better about himself and a more confident person.”

I now see Carmen on a regular basis. There have been many a times where my anxiety has got the better of me and Carmen has helped me through the darkest of times. Peeling back the layers and getting to the root of my problems and helping me through the other side. Carmen is non- judgemental and extremely passionate about homeopathy with a wealth of knowledge and advice.

I would highly recommend Carmen, she now sees most of my family. Whether it is in person, email or at the other end of the phone, she has been so supportive. She truly is an amazing person and homeopath.”  Dawn  (Witney) Oxfordshire, Feb 2019.

“I have had a long and varied experience of complementary practitioners, and Carmen is among the very best. She has a very special combination of analytical skills with deep empathy. She went straight to the heart of my problem, and prescribed a remedy that was remarkably effective. I am very happy to have met her and benefitted from her treatment.”  Mr J, December 2015.

“Carmen is a very kind, caring homoeopath with a deep knowledge of homoeopathy, physiology and psychology. She understands more about how a person ‘ticks’ than any doctor I have ever had to see, and explains everything clearly. After a consultation I come away feeling uplifted and rejuvenated – and the carefully chosen remedies always do the trick. I can recommend her wholeheartedly. She is easy to talk to and thoroughly professional.” H.S, female, Oxfordshire, April 2015.

“I had not experienced Homeopathy, although I had heard a great deal about it, both positive and negative.  I was going through a stage in my life where everything seemed dark and wrong, I wasn’t in a terrible state, but I knew that I wanted and needed to change my mind set. A friend told me about Carmen, and I decided  to make an appointment. As soon as I met Carmen, I knew I had made the right choice, she made me feel welcome and relaxed immediately, I was able to talk freely without being judged in any way, and she gently prompted me in to a new awareness of myself and my thoughts. I was given a remedy, which I first took the next morning, by the evening I was feeling so much ‘lighter’ and slept soundly for the  first time in ages. By the morning I felt great, and this carried on for the next week or so, feeling better and better as the days went by. I subsequently had 6 (ish) appointments with Carmen, where we tackled my issue, along with a few other problems and things I was unhappy with about myself. Throughout our sessions I felt safe, that my issues were real, and that there was hope, no matter the obstacle. I have recommended Carmen to my friends and family, and she has helped them enormously, all of whom report similar experiences with Carmen as my own. Carmen is a lovely, warm, professional and very caring person, she obviously loves what she does and believes in what she is doing and in her abilities. I would recommend Carmen to everyone, and I do..! ” TB, male, Gloucestershire, May 2015.

“I relocated to Oxfordshire from Kent with my family about 4 years ago and one of the first things I did was find a good homeopath. Relocating was stressful but it was also an opportunity to start fresh and move on from physical symptoms and depression which I just could not get to the bottom of. I am so grateful to have met Carmen, she has really helped me to understand the core of my problems. I have learned so much about myself, changed and moved on in so many ways, both emotionally and physically. Carmen has also been so helpful with both of my children when they have needed remedies for aliments or a constitutional boost. Carmen is kind, honest, non-judgemental and is passionate about the health and wellbeing of her patients. She has a wealth of experience in homeopathy, incorporating psychology, counselling and nutrition and she is constantly updating her skills. Carmen is very easy to talk to and so understanding, I would highly recommend her to anybody. If you are suffering with repeated health problems, symptoms of a physical or emotional nature or if you just cannot figure out what you need as a person or move on in life, don’t hesitate to try homeopathy. I have been using homeopathy for 18 years, Carmen is the third professional homeopath I have seen and I can honestly say that she is a cut above the rest.” D.G, female, Oxfordshire, April 2015.

“I didn’t need any remedies during labour but took …. after for some afterpains which seemed to help so thank you! It was so supportive to have your input and the homeopathy during pregnancy and after. I didn’t need to be induced and the itching stayed at bay, so very happy indeed.” J.B, female, Oxford, Jan 2014.

“I am writing to thank you for all your help in finding the problem of A. rash. I am most impressed with the treatment and the various options we had. This was the first time I had considered trying homeopathy, but as we had not had much like in other treatments, we thought we would give it a try. I will most certainly be recommending you and homeopathy to my friends and family, and will, of course be in touch, should we need to contact you again. Thank you again from both myself and A. ” Mother of patient, JN, Oxfordshire, June 2011.

“I first came to see Carmen for some help with some very persistent Verrucae that I had tried absolutely everything to get rid of, all of the conventional medical treatments that I tried just didn’t shift them. They always came back. During our consultations Carmen built up a comprehensive understanding of why my body was manifesting these symptoms and helped me to understand the events in my live that had built up over time until the only way my body could express what it was feeling was to manifest these conditions. After my first consultation with Carmen I stopped treating them topically and put my trust in the remedy that Carmen had chosen for me.

Following taking the first remedies my verrucae disappeared, we were all really impressed with how well I responded to the treatment but in discussing my case history we uncovered a lot of issues that I had not been giving attention to. I had seen counselors in the past but none of them ever offered me any practical advise or support, Carmen was supportive, empathetic and had an amazingly intuitive understanding of the healing process that I was going through and always chose the exact remedy that I was needing at the time.

Over the course of my treatment we peeled back many layers of past traumas and emotions, that led to me completely turning my life around. It changed the way I viewed my life and gave me the confidence to be who I have always wanted to be, to speak my truth to the world, even when it is difficult to do so. I was able to leave behind the toxic relationships I was involved with and jobs that crushed my spirit so that I had the confidence to give myself some reflection time. Now I am setting up a healing business, have rediscovered my love for painting, have started writing a children’s book and have found my most perfect soul mate to share my life with. It’s amazing what can come of having funky feet!

I am so very grateful for all the work that Carmen has put into my case, she has been a true angel and I would recommend her work with the highest regard.” S.A, female, December 2011.

“Thank you to you for the way you helped me sort out my fluid retention problem between the end of May and the beginning of September.  Not only did you help sort this out for me but the treatment you provided cleared a problem I had with coughing so much that at times I couldn’t get my breath.  I had a permanent tickle and dryness in my mouth which kept irritating me – now after 8 years with this problem it has gone away.  The result of this is I feel like I am a different person.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who has a problem that just wont go away with normal prescription drugs – and know that if I have a problem in future that I would definitely seek your homeopathic advice about it.” M.G, female Witney, 2010.

“I went to a Carmen as I had some pigmentation on my knee that would not go away. I also was having having heavy nose bleeds. It has been two years since I first went to Carmen and nearly all of my pigmentation has gone and my nose bleeds have now stopped. I learned that with just a couple of remedies and confidence to use them, you can feel much much better than with some pills from the doctor.” NB, teenager, Cyprus, June 2010.

These testimonials represent the personal opinion of the patients I have treated over the years.