The case for homeopathy by Sarah Stacey – Article in Sunday Mail – 4 Feb 2018

Here is a great article in the Sunday supplement of You magazine, Jackie Cooper was suffering with the Epstein Barr Virus, she was having no success with her GP, and so decided to see a homeopath. She felt such a dramatic improvement after receiving homeopathic remedies in a short period of time. This is a condition that many people suffer with and there are no conventional treatments that can help them, apart from rest and pain-killers.

Do you suffer from chronic fatigue, or a virus and you are still struggling to recover from it, perhaps months, years later, have you considered trying homeopathy? When you have a homeopathic consultation, a suitable homeopathic remedy will be prescribed purely based on your unique symptoms there is no standard remedy given for any condition. It is bespoke holistic system that takes into account your medical history as well as your personal triggers and individual symptoms.

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