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My journey to becoming a homeopath.

Let me share my story as to how I became a homeopath, it is no extraordinary tale but one of an ordinary mother who wanted to take control of her of young family’s health.

Back then, I had no idea what homeopathy was, I had never been to any complementary practitioner.

But after observing my mother over many years suffer with such poor health, and being on so many medications by the time she was 50, I knew instinctively that there had to be a better way or alternative, and wanted to be the driver of my own health and have more control. During this difficult period I became a mother of 2 girls, my eldest kept getting continuous ear infections and was repeatedly being prescribed anti-biotics, which had no real effect or resolution. They were not dealing with the true cause and so a friend suggested that I try homeopathy.

Having no idea what it entailed, I went to a homeopath and was blown away by the whole process, I then wanted to understand more about this art and science so borrowed Miranda Castro’s book from the library ‘homeopathy for mother and baby” and became hooked. My daughter’s health subsequently improved. I enrolled in an introductory course on homeopathy – very much like the one we are running this weekend and then could not get my toe out of the water. Enrolled for the 4 year course, despite having a very young family at home, limited budget and not a lot of free time. In my previous life I use to be a tour operator working for international travel agents and once I had my family I knew I needed to make drastic changes and pursue a different path that would be more rewarding and where, I could work flexibly around my family and be my own boss.

Being a homeopath has been and still is the most rewarding career, I get to meet lots of different people from all walks of life and of all ages, no person is the same and we respectively prescribe remedies to match their individual needs, there is no quick fix or protocol. You are always learning on the job, and ultimately you are facilitating the patient to have a better understanding of their health and enabling them to feel more empowered. I have always found people and the body equally fascinating, so if you are ( like me ) into either of those, then homeopathy might just be for you? It may change your life and outlook ….

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