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Thorn in one’s side….well actually foot!

22nd September 2015 – A case of a stubborn splinter.

This is just one of the many reasons why I love homeopathy … is gentle on the body, yet so effective!

“Coral is 2 years old and doesn’t like wearing shoes!!! She was playing in our garden and got a thorn in her foot! I attempted to get it out with tweezers but I couldn’t grasp hold of it as it was too deep in her foot so figured her body would push it out in time so I decided to keep an eye on it! A week or so passed and I happened to mention it whilst visiting Carmen, I didn’t realise she would be able to help with a homeopathic remedy!!! She is the first homeopath I’ve ever known so I know very little about the things it can be used to treat. Carmen gave me some silica to give to Coral, instructions were to give Coral 2 doses; one that evening and then again in the morning before food. She also said I needed to avoid touching it whist administering it. The next day it had pushed the thorn out enough for us to pull it with tweezers. She had no infection where the thorn had been either!!! I’m really glad I mentioned it as I fear it might still be in there now!”

Coral’s Mum – August 2015

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